SPOOM 2005

July 21, 2005

Dear Mid Atlantic SPOOM Members and Friends,

It is OFFICIAL!  A Mid-Atlantic Chapter has been approved by SPOOM.
The chapter had it's inaugural meeting and we have by-laws and officers approved by SPOOM.
Dues will be $10.00 for members of SPOOM to join. You do not have to be a member of SPOOM to join the Chapter, although it is hoped you will join both. Non SPOOM Members must pay $15.00. If you wish to join, please send the attached application and dues to the address on the application by regular mail.

We will have our first full chapter meeting just after the 8:30 AM meeting on Sunday September 11, 2005 at the SPOOM 2005 Conference at the Union Mills Homestead.

Thanks to those folks who were able to make the Charter Meeting, and work through the necessary details for our request to SPOOM to form the Chapter.

Congratulations to all Mid-Atlantic members of SPOOM. You now have your own chapter to work with!
Chuck Ives
President, Mid-Atlantic Chapter
802 Kingston Rd.
Baltimore MD, 21212

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